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No Way Jose
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Monday, July 23rd, 2007
8:10 am
You say "Tomato" I Say "Shut Your Mouth"
1 day earlier than I expected, my family comes in tomorrow!!!
More exciting news,
I've got the new Harry Potter! No, I did not get a copy at midnight, but later in the day isn't bad.
I'm excited x2.
Summer Reading once again...
Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
7:43 pm
Its funny when people say:

"José, You're so Mexican"

They couldn't be anymore correct.

I'm on a countdown till my family comes in.
Not including today, 6 more days.

I still don't know what to get my sister.

I am going to teach myself some french. I love the language and I think I'm going to try and teach myself some. Plus I know some people who'll help me if I get stuck.

Why is the weather being retarded. Its absolutely beautiful, then it gets all hot and humid, and it storms randomly. I think mother nature in NW Indiana has multiple personality disorder and/or Schizophrenia.
Just pointing that out.
Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
8:14 am
Hello, my name is you
Well, I guess I'll update.
A lot of my family from California are coming in like a week or two, cuz my sister's quinceanera is coming up.
It will be LOADS of fun.
A bunch of (drunk) Mexicans, food, great Dj, and dancing, what else could I ask for?
At to add to the list of Mexicans, I'm bringing Valen.
Poor Willis family, they'll stick out the most.

So today is a summer reading test *gags*
Cry, the Beloved Country.

This has been stuck in my head all day.

Current Mood: content
Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
7:32 pm
Wow, i've been neglecting my LJ.
I've been neglecting a lot of my blogs and stuff.
even if you have no money ^_^
Been getting to see a ton of my friends.
My mother and sister were gone all week so i have had random visitors all week.
Lets list people i've hung out with all week.
I'm positive there is more, but i can't think of them on the spot.
so yeah.
I'm so glad, next week, i'll be able to see others cuz i won't be stuck at home.
so yeah.
I'm in a fairly ok mood.

Current Mood: okay
Thursday, April 26th, 2007
4:28 pm
I've realized that maybe
I'm one of the ones that changed.
I'm pretty much suck i guess.
Hmmm...thats not a surprise.
I don't know if i'm the same person,
or maybe i've changed.
I don't really know.
I don't pay much attention to myself.
Oh well....
4:23 pm
My mood is the weather
Its raining.
pretty sucky.
People suck sometimes.
Oh yeah, btw...
I'm single again.
been for like two weeks now.
Things seem to suck a lot more that school's ending.
Its like the whole year was good,
but now that it's ending,
lets throw all the sucky things you didn't have all year into the last weaks of school.
I desperately want out of school.
I want out of a lot of things.
People change, and i don't like it.
A little is alright but when you aren't the same person,

Current Mood: crappy
Saturday, March 31st, 2007
10:55 am
I have returned
I'm back from Cali.
I'll post some more later.
Monday, March 12th, 2007
3:51 pm
Once Again, Blah...
I haven't updated in a while.
School absolutely sux.
I've never wanted summer so bad in my life.
I've been going outside for the past three days.
So yeah, I'm ungrounded. I need to start chillin' with some friends soon.
I'm allowed to play my guitar.
I'm happy with that.
My weekend kinda went by weird.
My family invited Rose with us to the mall. In the evening we went to Hobart at this lake place thingy and it was fun. After we went to my house and we watched A Walk To Remember which i did not want to see.
I accidently ruined it for Rose. I told here what happens at the end.
After that Rose wanted to play video games. We played Tekken 4 and she wooped my ass most of the time.
Sunday I went to church, after I got a haircut. I got home and then nothing. I played my guitar then watched a movie with my family. We watched In the Heat of the Night with Sydney Portier which was really good.

I hate chem. It sux. oh, and did I mention that I hate Chemistry. I don't think so. I hate Chemistry. We took a test and I'm not sure how I did. I'm reading a brain-frying book called The Humbled Blue Orb which is absolutely interesting/confusing/boring all at the same time. If I read it I get 50 Xtrakredit points.

I think I'm going to be in a new band but I think we're gonna suck. Then again we're in Highschool, 90% of us suck. We need a name but we can't decide on one.

I've realized that I need a job. I want things but have no money. I need a Job. I don't know where though. I thought of this when I was at Spencer's and realized I wanted things and couldn't afford them. I gazed into my wallet and was saddened by its contents. No strobe light for José. No lava lamp for José. No Cannabis Shot Glasses for José. I'm just playin with the last one cuz i could've actually afforded it, but my mother would never allow it cuz we don't always have the same sense of humor.

I'm going to go cuz I realized i can go ranting for a while.
I'm going to leave you.
Much Adieu

Current Mood: okay
Thursday, February 15th, 2007
11:23 pm
I wanna go to BeanCounters on Saturday. Two bands that I wanna hear are going to be playing there. Idk if I can though. Fight today in school and of course, being munster and all, people thought it was bad ass. How stupid. And it was exaggerated like hell. Hmmm...I'm really bored right now. Its kinda late. actually, its very late. i'm gonna go
Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
2:42 pm
I don't feel like writing but here i am....writing...hmmm...
Valentine's Day and it could be a lot better. O well. We have no school and I guess its cool (except for the shoveling) but yeah. I was supposed to see friends, but not happining. Was supposed to see Rose, but once agian, not happing. At least i'm warm.
Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
8:25 pm
i'm sick. Life sux right now.
i can't breathe.
i don't like coughing/sneezing/sniffling/gasping/freezing/sweating/sore throats/lack of eating/and everything that goes with flu's/stomach flu's/asthma.
i might be back tomorrow.

Monday, January 22nd, 2007
6:04 pm
Uhn Tiss

  • My 2 Favorite Teams going to the bowl.
  • Chicago has the best D and Special Teams
  • Colts have Manning who is far better than Grossman
  • I lost my folder so I couldn't turn in any of my hw
  • I do mean it when i say i meant to do my hw
  • I need to learn a butt load of songs for pep band
  • Game friday and Saturday, people should come

I'm going to stop
Have a nice day
Sunday, January 21st, 2007
5:53 pm

DA BEARS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!    YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! *dancing like a maniac tripping on E*

just so you know.


Saturday, January 20th, 2007
3:54 pm
i'm not quite sure if i'm looking forward to tonight.  i'm getting a bad feeling about it and i don't know why.  i don't really know who's going.  i only know a few people.   My sis is going to beancounters with her friends to listen to music (lucky).  I like beancounters, just their coffee sux.   live music is pretty cool tho.  I'm hating second semester.  every thing sux.  All my old friends are gone and none of my classes have a lot of friends in them.  my last semester i had a shit load of friends in each class.  now its like 0, 1, maybe 2 in each class.  But lunch definitly makes up for it.  my lunch rox.  I've joined pep band, which is cool except for the fact i have no idea how to play the songs.  Woods just tells me and James the key and we kinda wing it.  Not going to mention anyone's name....*cough cough*MAR*cough*.... got me in trouble when she plucked my E string really REALLY freaking loudly when the key was in Eb.  Woods just stared at me.  So yeah.  Alex wants to start a band.  He wants me on lead guitar, him on rhythm, James W. on bass and James C. on drums.  he wants a indie, alternative, grunge-y sorta band.  i don't know how good we'll be.  Willis can't play bass right now cuz he's got a few C's in some classes so for right now we're probably gonna start with Roach.  We haven't practice(yet) and haven't gotten a band name(yet).  *pause* wow, my guinea pig is loud.  ok...that was random.

I need to go to guitar center.
Its a must.
i need to buy a guitar cable.
my for some reason doesn' work.
i need one by friday.
or else woods'll be mad.

i'm going to get ready for the dance so i'm going to stop here.

Current Mood: blah
Saturday, December 30th, 2006
9:51 am
Anorexics, Gays, Vegetarians, dog beaters, Money hungry, Ethiopians, oh my
I wanna go back to school. I like school. No i'm not a nerd. I am in the process of burning a cd as i speak. it will be a good one. i don't know what to talk about so i will just kinda ramble. i might be getting a hair cut today and i don't want one. i don't think my hair is long. not long at all *sigh* well whatev. (you can chose to read below, i'm about to go on a giant society rant just to warn you. i hate it when people rant on society and i don't ask for it well i'm giving you a fair warning so if you don't wanna hear it you dont have to.) why must everyone go on a society rant when they are a round me. "society is corrupt" "Our society is going to bring the apocolypse" "Our society..." I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT! I KNOW OUR SOCIETY! UNLESS I ASK FOR YOUR OPINIONS OR I JUMP INTO A CONVERSATION ABOUT SOCIETY TO TALK TO ME ABOUT IT CUZ U WILL GET OFFENDED!!! Is it Lord of the Flies that have been making others talk about society or is it they just wanna piss me off. Most people only look at one point of view. Yes things are bad, yes people nowadays are sinners, yes politics in the world are corrupt, yes society always has to put a label on people, yes stereo-types are common in todays society, YES YES YES!!! But why state the obvious. 

You could also state the good points in todays society. There has never been as many charities as there is today. You will see more and more commercials about "Support the fight against AIDS" or other things. There are many more animal activists today, back in the day if you beat a dog, ur a strict owner, today if you beat a dog, ur a jackass in jail. 

Vegetarianism is at its high especially now that people could afford it, back in the past, if you were a vegetarian, you probably were going to be one hungry person, and die. Not only that but people nowadays can make sure they are getting enough vitamins and minerals that they would normally miss without meat. 

I know a lot of people make fun of them, but look at all the Mormon commercials and other religious people who knock at our door, they're only trying to spread the word of something that is good, a God, or a life with less sin. 

Yes nowadays there are a lot more rapists and murderers but also there is a lot more people that try to find them and bring them down. 

Homosexuals are another big one that society has not wanted to accept but needs to. We can accept people of same or different races dating, marrying, growing old together, but We can't accept the same sex dating, marrying, growing old together? Even if you aren't gay or bi you should still support. I do. Why deprive others of happiness cuz you find it disturbing, or gross, or whatever the fuck you think. Its not like they are going to have sex right in front of you. and if they do thats illegal whether or not you're gay or straight. I'm not gay, but if you are, power to ya. I'm not going to look at you any differently or judge you. Nobody should.

whats another thing hmmm...New York right now is the only state with a brain. They banned trans-fats. If there is any more states/cities that have banned that then i wanna know. Maybe we'll have less people wondering why they have massive heart attacks right after eating a burger. TRANS-FATS!!! I've had family who have had a heart attack so don't bother trying to say "well that ain't cool cuz i had a friend/family member who had a heart attack" well me too. I'm not against anybody who is over weight, don't missunderstand me. I'm overweight myself. I've been thin, but hey, i like food, i can't excerise, so you put them together and you get an overweight person. Gland issues can make you overweight so why jump to conclusions that that person eats like a beast. You'll just feel stupid when u find out that they don't. And even if they do eat like a beast, who cares? Does that change who they are? Does that change your opinions on that person? if so you're pretty low.

But what i really don't like is anorexia. i think anyone who is anorexic should be sent to ethiopia and switched for someone over there. only the spoiled and people with some kind of money can afford to be anorexic. American anorexic "i hate myself and want to die" Ethiopia "i'm starving and want to live". I guarantee that the Ethiopian has more problems than the american. I feel bad for an anorexic person as much as i feel bad for a alcoholic. 

Every alcoholic i've met did it to themselves. Its not a disease. Calling it a disease is just a way to make the person seem like its not his or her's own fault but it is. Who's decision was it to first pick up that bottle? I hate it when people say peer pressure cuz i have yet to meet anyone who will shove the bottle at me and tell me if i don't drink it i'll get my ass kicked. just like drugs, i've been offered, i said no thanks, all was fine. Nobody is going to tie you down, shove a joint in your mouth, light it, and make you smoke. Not only that but they spend money on that weed/whatever drug so they are probably not going to make you take it. its like you buying a brand new bike for yourself and forcing someone else to take it. its a waste of money. Buying drugs altogether is a waste of money, but giving it away is even worse cuz you're doing harm to someone else and your wasting money.

Money Money Money. i hate it when people say that they hate money and don't want it. You need money, its hard as hell to live without it. If you wanna try, go ahead, but i'll stay warm in my home with a plate of food to eat. One thing is to have money out of necessity or pleasure, but another thing is to be money hungry. Need more and more money and willing to stop anybody in your way that will slow you down from making more. I'm not against rich people. You can be rich, filthy rich, and not be money hungry. I know people like that. They make good money from their jobs and live in big houses and buy fancy things to make them happy, but they don't change who they are. they don't focus on just making money. People like Donald Trump, he will do anything for more money, the whole Miss USA thing (don't get me started on her) was for plublicity and more money. More magazines, newspapers, and televisions have his face in it. More face more money.

Plus look how petty of a person he is by making fun of Rosie cuz she's gay and fat. Who gives a shit? It was of irrevelence and a cheap shot. but not only that, how is that gonna offend? lets point the obvious: "Rosie, ur gay" "Yeah, i know, i said it on TV and I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!!" WTF?!?!?! "Rosie, ur fat" "Yeah i know, i'm kinda the one who does the eating and weighing so i would know" 

i realize i could keep going for hours but i'm going to cut off my rant now.
Tuesday, December 26th, 2006
11:20 pm
Losts of food. LOTS OF FOOD.
Nightmare Before Christmas.
More Food.
Synthesized Drums.
More Food.
13 hours of sleep.

Thats basically describes my family's christmas.

worst one i've ever had.

full of sad people.

plus James Brown Died.

thats really sad.

we have left overs. i think i'm going to die of old age before we finish with left overs.

so yeah.

Merry Post-Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
1:21 am
Its been awhile
so things aren't quite going my way. i try to improve myself, but things don't always work. i try to improve my grades, but i still seem to keep the two c's i have. i've been working out like crazy and practicing, but i still can't make varsity, i try not to let people get to me, but i've been snapping on people who don't deserve it, i try to rest myself but i get little sleep and end up dead tired, i try to calm down but i put up entries like the last one. I apologize for that entry. i was kinda....pissed...and um....depressed. Not saying i have depression, last thing i want is people saying "are u okay?" or "i'm here for you" or "if you need help, you can come to me or someone else" i'm fine. Just missing people. Missing my grandfather most of all. i trying to keep up my writing but it just doesn't come out right so i throw it all away. I can't draw, i stare at the blank paper and can't think of anything, and when i do it looks like shit. two days to turkey day. a day where americans commit a deadly sin in celebration of the taking of land from natives who where unable to defend themselves. A day where other countries sit back and say "this is why they are obese". if only the natives could see that the pilgrim's smiles were only a facade. They weren't happy, they were greedy. They were pretending to care for the natives when all they cared for was themselves. What a hypocritical holiday. but whatever, i'll celebrate it like i should. What's the next holiday? Christmas? yeah. new guitar strings brings a smile to my face. My acoustic is playing as beautifully as it should. if only there was a guitar class at school along with piano/electric keyboarding. Keyboarding is cool, cuz we can make our own solo's. fun fun fun. this is quite a big enough entry and i have a feeling nobody is going to read it so i'm going to end this.


Current Mood: uncomfortable
Friday, October 6th, 2006
8:55 pm




sometimes i wonder what would be better, if everyone i hated died and i lived without them, or if i died and everyone who hates me lived without me.

Its been to long without my grandpa
i don't know how a lifetime without him is going to be
people around here don't make things better

Current Mood: pissed off
Thursday, September 28th, 2006
6:28 am
You are invited to a Neighborhood "Block" Party
we got an invite to a bloc party that my next door neighbor was planning on making but some other neighbor beat her. i don't want to "socialize" with my other neighbors. i don't know them and i'd rather keep it that way. and its not like i can avoid going cuz if i step outside BAM its there. hmmm.... i think i might just stay inside or go to a friends house. or maybe have friends over INSIDE my house. i don't know. Homecoming is next week but i don't know why i'm not looking forward to it. I'm going with Rose and friends, but i'm not looking forward to it. i wish i was. i don't know why either. And after we might see a movie. i'm still not looking forward to that either, i don't know why, but i'll probably be tired after the dance so i'll probably not go. wtf? so yeah its kinda early in the morning. i need to get ready for school.
Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
6:07 pm
I'm not vegetarian, but here it is

ha ha
i like it
i'm not vegetarian
i just love meat too much
but i think vegetarianism is a good thing

Current Mood: content
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